220,773+ MSMEs Registered in Nigeria in 10 Months

220,773+  MSMEs Registered in Nigeria in 10 Months

I was listening to news last night and it was revealed that not less than 220,773+ MSMEs(Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises) have been registered in Nigeria within the past 10 Months by the Corporate Affairs Commission.
What interest me about the above , as a Legal,Business and Corporate Consultant, is the immense business opportunities this news present for various Services that will likely be contracted out or outsourced by these MSMEs (for Growth and Sustainability) namely;
A. Entrepreneurial /Business Training
B. Legal Services
C. Information Technology (IT).
D. Marketing,Branding ,Advertising ,PR etc
E. Accounting/Finance
F. Human Resource (Management)
G.Customer Relations Management

I am sure you can add more services to the above list .Please do.

Which of these services does your company render?

Go for these MSMEs.

Create products and services that meet their needs and budget.

They might not be big business now but they will scale up with our professional support.

The big companies we run to TODAY started as MSMEs few years back.

Plug yourself in now so you can grow with them.

Do you Agree?

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Nosakhare Uwadiae ,Esq