A friend walked up to me some hours ago and said that he read online that AIR PEACE is likely to spend about N300 Million Naira to Airlift Nigerians back from South Africa .

He went further to ask that what is AIR PEACE going to gain from WASTING that amount of funds

I told him to take a pen and paper and begin to ascribe budgets to the following benefits that AIR PEACE will derive from this initiative and lets see if it will be less or more that N300 Million.

A. CROSS-MEDIA Media Publicity from earned media,bloggers,haters ,online and off line(Tv,Radio,Vvideo) reporting of events from the time the initiative was published till the Airlift is fully completed .This will be from Nigeria,the whole of Africa,South Africa,and the whole world especially in countries where Nigerians and Africans reside in large numbers.

B.UNQUANTIFIABLE Goodwill from Nigerians,Nigerian Govt and other Stakeholders both Institutions and Individuals who will lock their business interests with AIR PEACE as partners in progress.

C.Air Peace will be seen as a truly  AFRICAN /NATIONAL BRAND and is positioning itself to be a NATIONAL CARRIER using the Airlift to show its capacity to deliver on AFRICAN ROUTES effectively and safely.

D.CSR-The airline has shown itself to be a  Corporately Socially Responsible organisation-This Goodwill will impact positively on the bottomline of the company.etc

At this time ,I looked at my friend and discovered that he had stopped writing .On inquiry,he said that somebody in AIR PEACE is obviously thinking and the benefits to the airline is unquantifiable .

I told him that these benefits are actually quantifiable by Corporate and Marketing  Communication Experts before such is embarked upon.

Summarily,this venture will impact positively on the bottom line of the company.

What other  QUANTIFIABLE benefits do you think  AIR PEACE  can get from this venture?