Follow Your Target Market(TM) !!!

Follow Your Target Market(TM) !!!

This is exactly what GTBank did over this weekend by following its Target Market to the recent RCCG Special Programme  held at Shimawa on the outskirts of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,Nigeria  .

GTBank provided retail banking using mobile ATM Trucks to supply cash on demand(see image) .

Why would GTBank invest in this venture;

1.Establish emotional connection with TM.

2.Show that customer satisfaction drives their retail strategy.

3.Convenience is key to GTBank customer service.

4.GTBank access to product mindset is centered around taking it to the customer rather than sitting in one cosy office and waiting for Target Market.

5.Bullish drive for retail customers .

Result-Market Dominance.

GTBank started years ago and dominated the elite banking sector,now they are also pushing aggressively to dominate Retail Banking.

Somebody is thinking and ACTING at GTBank.