Lagos to experience 270 days of rainfall in 2020. So what ?

Lagos to experience 270 days of rainfall in 2020. So what ?

According to the recently released 2020 NIMET Prediction,Lagos is likely to experience 270 days of rainfall within 2020.

For some people, this information is of no importance beyond the fact that Lagos will be flooded and its accompanying hues and cry.

However,for a Business Growth Strategist ,this information is very vital.

Every Business has its own SEASONS and proper planning is required to grow your business and make money during  your business season(Seasonality).

Just a few tips on what the Nimet Prediction portends for some businesses in Nigeria,namely ;

1.For those  in the business of manufacturing soaps and detergents, this information shows that business will grow as people will do more washing as clothes get dirtier because of mud dirts and play activities especially among children.

2,For those in the business of Tea and Hot beverages production,business will grow because cold weather will encourage people to drink more hot beverages and tea.

3.Mobility will be hampered due to traffic gridlocks, so their is likely to be more dependence on technology to do business i.e Internet,Phone calls etc.However,the telecoms company can only benefit from this if their infrastructure is improved upon.It is also a opportunity for these service providers to increase their market share if they can assure consumers of better service.

4.Raincoats,helmets,rain boots,umbrellas and other rubber shoes manufacturers will make a kill at this period.

Other Businesses that stand to benefit from this rainy season are insurance(more road accidents),Banking(increase in online transactions),E-commerce ,Drain cleaning services etc

Every Business has its own Season.


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