Publicis Media is No 1 Media Agency Globally

Publicis Media is No 1 Media Agency Globally

According to a report recently released by RECMA,a global research company,  Publicis Media’s PlatformGSK  earned the number one position due to its business portfolio of  $1,959 Million.

The  RECMA 2018 New Biz Balance Report  also reveals that ,Mediacom came 2nd ,followed by Spark F,OMD, Initiative and UM within the Period of January to December 2018.

RECMA evaluates Media Agencies based on the under-listed Parameters;

  1. Competitiveness in pitches over a three year period.

    2.Momentum –New Business Balance, Growth Rates, Talent Hire, Awards  etc

   3 Resources-Digital, Data and Content

    4.Agency Capabilities –Managing Big Accounts, Local Advertisers and relationship stability.

PlatformGSK,a dedicated unit of Publicis Media made them achieve this feat by their aggressive new business drive.

In Nigeria,Publicis has a business relationship with Insight/Troyka Group.