Time to optimize Out -Of-Home Spend in Nigeria – A Digital Audience Measurement Approach

Time to optimize Out -Of-Home Spend in Nigeria – A Digital Audience Measurement Approach

Nigerians have a very sociable and outgoing lifestyle and are thus exposed to various forms of Out -of-Home (OOH)advertising platforms from the Static to Digital Billboards and Signs that dot the Nigerian Landscape.

Over the years  OOH Advertising has enjoyed sizable chunk of the media spend because of its ability to make brands visible to Target Audience on -the-go.

In 2018 ,the media spend on OOH alone was about 53.4 million dollars(20.7 Billion Naira).

But the challenge has always been how to  measure the audience that is exposed to this medium via the use of up to date technology.

To provide a one -stop solution to the above ,NOSAK NIGERIA (a media solutions firm in Nigeria) has partnered with Atlanta based BoardActive software company.This partnership aims to provide Real time Audience Measurement and  Analytics for OOH Advertising in Nigeria via the PATENTED BoardActive software.

Boardactive location-based marketing solution helps Brands & Advertisers connect and interact with their customers via mobile apps on their mobile phones.

It  engages mobile app users at every point of the customer lifecycle with push notifications, in-app messages, and geofenced retargeting.

Nigeria has about  190 million mobile subscribers across various Networks.

Other unique benefits of this software is that;

*It measures Attribution and follows the customers from the time he or she encounters a billboard till the point of sale,

*It Provides Mobile Marketing Data and  Real Time Analytics  i.e consumer demographics etc

*It improves App User and Customer Retention

*It increases App User Engagement.

For more details visit https://www.boardactive.com/ or whatsapp 234-8053266716 (Nigeria)


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Nosakhare Uwadiae